What is the Wipeout Challenge Uk?

The Wipeout Challenge UK is the newest inflatable obstacle course to hit the UK where you can compete in teams or as an individual. Wipeout Challenge Uk consists of 5 fun filled wipeout zones.

What is the team competition?

Up to 10 teams will compete against each other, to become the wipeout champions. Each team will play 5 zones, with the two highest scoring teams racing against each other in the final race.

How old to you have to be to take part in Wipeout Challenge Uk?

The Wipeout Challenge UK is for ages 10 years+.

How old to you have to be to take part in Inflatable World?

The Inflatable World is for ages 5 years+.

Do I need to purchase a ticket in advance?

We advise people to buy tickets in advance through our ticket link on our website. If the event has not sold out, there will be ticket sales on the day.

Do you have to where trainers when taking part in The Wipeout Challenge UK?

You have to where suitable footwear (RUNNING TRANIERS ONLY). If you’re not wearing suitable footwear, you will not be able to take part in the wipeout challenge UK.

How will groups be sent off in their time slots?

We will be sending up to 2 people together every 30 seconds.

How much time do I have in the Wipeout Challenge Uk?

Your will have a one hour time slot, which is more than enough time to have multiple go’s on the wipeout challenge UK. Once your hour is over, if there is availability you may be able to purchase additional hours.

What if I don’t want to do one of the 5 zones in the Wipeout Challenge UK?

You’re more than welcome not to take part in every zone. The zones are easily missed, by walking by the inside of the zone on to the next one.

Are there any restrictions on what I can wear?

Shoes, glasses, jewellery and loose articles (wallets, mobile phones etc.) must be removed before taking part in the wipeout challenge, inflatable world and tots inflatable park. You must wear suitable footwear (RUNNING TRANIERS ONLY) to take part in the wipeout challenge UK. Socks must be worn on the attractions in inflatable world and tots inflatable park. No Socks, no entry. Socks will be available to purchase on the day. Also, long hair must be tied up. We are not responsible for any footwear or personal belongings lost on the day.

Do I have to be fit to take part in all attractions?

The wipeout challenge is a fun filled inflatable attraction, to be used by individuals who have a degree of fitness, energy and agility. We advise you go at your own pace and not over exert your personal limit.

You cannot take part in any attractions at the wipeout challenge UK if you have any of the following: heart problems, breathing difficulties/conditions, back, neck, joint, knee and ankle issues – either current or pre-existing, and any fractures or broken bones or has any pre-existing medical conditions, or anyone who is pregnant or possibly pregnant. Please refer to our full terms and conditions which contains a health disclaimer.

By Booking, you are deeming yourself as being fit to take part and assume the risk of doing so. Everyone takes part at their own risk and although following the strict H&S standards and rules minimises these risks, they cannot completely be eliminated.

How long before do I have to arrive for my wipeout challenge UK time slot?

We advise you arrive at least 30 mins before your time slot, so we can get you checked in, and have a quick safety briefing.

Do parents or guardians have to buy tickets?

Anyone under the age of 18 years buying a ticket to compete in the wipeout challenge or enter the inflatable world will need an adult to accompany them. So, we are happy to say one parent or guardian will get free entry when a ticket is purchased for a under 18 years of age.

Is there any additional cost once we’ve entered the event?

When buying tickets, it will state what you get to use once at wipeout challenge UK. The only extra charges will be for food and drinks.

How long does the event run for?

Please check on our events page for running times as some events might be different.

Will I get wet?

There will be water in some of the wipeout zones so we suggest to bring a towel. There is no water involved in the inflatable world therefore no towel is needed.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The event will be cancelled in severe weather conditions (high winds, heavy rain, lightning, and other severe weather conditions).

Are tickets refundable?

All tickets are non-refundable, in the case the event is cancelled, there will be an alternate date offered.

How do I buy tickets?

Please go to our ticket page and follow the links.

Who operates the Wipeout Challenge UK?

The wipeout challenge UK was designed and run by, Colossal Events Ltd, which is one of the leading event hire companies in the UK. Please feel free to visit their website www.colossal-events.co.uk to see more!

Is there parking on site?

Yes, there is parking available on site and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please note some events there will be a pay and display fee.